Friday, 24 August 2012

Day 76 -Rape a Blessing - Using Religion to Justify RAPE in this World

Sharon Barnes, a high ranking state Republican touched the subject of rape saying that being raped and getting a child from that rape is God blessing them. what-is-justification-by-faith-part-4-21502268
Religion has for a long time now found many ways to justify the world and their beliefs. If god is the creator of everything in this world then he also Created Rape. So now the Christians have to find an answer to why would God create and allow rape in this world? Simply by saying that getting raped and pregnant from that rape is god blessing you with a child - so what you are saying is that god created rape so that some woman can get pregnant? This is very delusional and those who believe this should be diagnosed for mental disorders.
You cannot justify rape - religion have found ways to justify the unjustifiable, Because if they cannot justify something then that would go against what they believe. They cannot continue their beliefs unless they can find ways to justify everything in this world - all the bad shit. If there is no explanation then its ''part of Gods Plan''. This is very infuriating and unacceptable behavior and here is why: It gives then a perfect excuse not to do anything about it.
That is the pinnacle of all religions - To justify your actions ad the worlds actions and all the bad shit that's in this world so that you wont have to lift a finger to change it or do something about it. All that is needed to say is that it is gods plan - and i as a mere mortal may not interFEAR with Gods plan. Yes i typed interFEAR, because all Christians fear god. If you are a God-fearing man - you are a good Christian. And it is that fear why the world is in such a bad state. It is that inner fear that makes you not want to interfere with the problems like rape, but to instead find a way to make sure you wont have to do anything about it.
And so nobody interferes - the world is  allowed to continue the way it does because nobody is doing anything about it. Christians would say have faith and believe and pray for a better world. Its in Gods hands now - I cannot question gods plan. It is really messed up. So if you really have a deeper look at the whole point - the world is the way it is BECAUSE of religion.
If we had no religion - if we had common sense we would have such a better world to live ib - because then we cant abdicate OUR responsibility and hope and pray the world gets better and instead take matters into our own hands and realize that if i sit and pray and do nothing but that then nothing will happen. Its common sense that people need food to live and houses to live. They cannot survive with only books. Its utter stupidity to spend resources on bibles for the poor - rather give them food. That is common sense - but we do not have common sense.
Its up to us. If we do not do anything then nothing will happen. More on this tomorrow

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