Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Day 69 - 'Ode To our Children' - Free Download for all Part 2


New song released- ''Ode to our Children'' created by Robot Virgins (Cerise Poolman & Fidelis Spies) and Earthonites (Matti Freeman & Kelly Posey). Its a free download so simply click on it and listen to it now or while you read this blog.



"And so we choose this world of Pain 2313181-solar_power
With a single choice
We can undo this mistake
By choosing a world that is not enslaved
Where freedom is free
And no one suffers again"


So this part expands the chorus. The choice that needs to be made is to choose life and not to accept and allow this world with all the abuse and suffering such as war, poverty, famine, slavery the list goes on. Then to instead fond ways to stop creating this bullshit on earth but to make this world a world worth living in.


The only way to live a of worth is to have money - because without money you have no freedom and with money you can buy freedom. So in today's world freedom is not free, billions suffer because they do not have the money to live. We all live on this world and the world should be shared - but instead we created a world where you have to pay to be alive.


"We created this world from the choices we made 
We creating this world from the choices we make

We are the shepherd of earth
Together we shape our worth
Into this world we bring
And leave to our children everything


We are shepherds of earth - meaning it our responsibility to take care of the world. Of all the beings in earth we are the only ones who have the power and ability to take care of earth and make sure everything is running as it should - instead we used this power to consume the earth and destroy it - what a mess. This shows us our worth which is nothing. And then we bring children into this world and what future do they have? Not a very bright one.


"My choice, My Power, my salvation \ Our choice, our Power, our salvation

And so we create this life and all of the world "


The power of creation is choice - our choice is power and right now our choices is leading us into a bleak world. If I change my choice and choose to create a world free from abuse and suffering and where al needs are taken care of, and many others make that same choice until everybody lives this choice then "my" choice becomes "our" choice and then we have salvation. We save ourselves and our children's future

Make the right choice - choose life- choose an Equal Money System.




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