Sunday, 27 May 2012

Journey to life day 17: Discipline

Discipline – to do what needs to be done
Having discipline is important. To push through points and resistances require discipline because you go against your programming and that can be very difficult. The best way to deal with this  and what I have learned is to keep to your word meaning if you say you are going to do something you do it.

What happens mostly is you come up with excuses not to keep your word. For example let’s say I say I am going to work on an assignment today.  But instead of doing it I would find excuses not to do it like: ‘I will do it tomorrow’,  ‘ I don’t feel like it now’ ,’I’m to tired’. these thoughts are part of the resistance keeping myself from staying true to my word. 

Same with facing addictions and stopping addictions – there is always some excuse you’ll find to not give up the addiction. No self-direction. No power. 

To allow feelings and thoughts to direct me in not doing 
what I said ill do is me giving my power away – in this invalidating myself and my word making it basically worthless. Then I cannot trust myself.

I commit myself to stop the thoughts and feelings and emotions that keep me from doing what I said I will do
I commit myself to stop making excuses and give into the resistance that comes when working on points I don’t want to

I commit myself to be self-disciplined and keeping my word so that I can trust myself and my word.

I commit myself to push myself and breathe when it becomes difficult to stop .

I commit myself to stop the belief that I am too weak to face my addictions to stop them
With breath I can stop and be here.
I am Discipline

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