Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Day 184 - Frustration with Making music.


It is not easy making a song. There are lots of challenges involved. From writing the music to writing the lyrics and placing them all together in one flowing song. Then comes recording the song which brings new challenges. Those who do record their own music know what I am talking about. Sometimes it works out great and is an easy process, but mostly it is difficult to get it “right” and so it gets frustrating.

When I write a song I use my guitar or piano and it sounds cool, but with the recording process it does not always come out the way I want it to. I am now working on a song that sounds great when I play it on guitar and sing it, but recording it does not sound do great. Mostly due to the fact that I am out of practice with my voice and guitar which makes recording it a pain in the ass, because when recording guitar I have to play precisely on beat and recording a vocalist that is out of practice takes forever. And so it gets frustrating.

In my previous blog about me getting older I mentioned the need I had to rush things and this is one of the reason I wrote that blog. In my rush I wanted to quickly record it and sing it and get it out, but in my rush my vocals are terrible and the guitar track is not so great. So now I have to redo it anyway whereas I could have prepared myself more to make sure I am able to effectively record the track. Unfortunately I do not have talent for singing and practicing vocals takes a long time to master it so I will have to make another plan there.

To me it is frustrating that a song sounds great and then turns out not so great when recording it, but I have faced challenges like this one before and with time and dedication I made it work. It took as long as it took and rushing will only make things worse. Only after I tested all points with a song will I drop it and write a another one which does happen occasionally. Update to follow soon

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