Monday, 15 July 2013

Basic Income Guaranteed is BIG enough for Animals - Animal Rights

A Solution for Animal rights

There are Charities that focus on caring for animals. They also take animals out of abusive situations like for example in the news the other day there were horses found starving on a farm and some found dead so they took them out of that situation to take of them. This is cool that they were able to assist those horses. There are many such situations out there and many animals suffer. 

Unfortunately the reason Charities exist is not cool. The reason why charities exist is because there is a problem with this world and system we live in. People cannot afford food and so charities are there to feed them. People cannot afford to take care of animals and so th
ere are charities to take care of the animals. There is a pattern here – charities are band aids, the cleanup crew. It is like having a bucket that is overflowing with water and all you do is mop up the water – you keep mopping up the water, but the water keeps on coming – instead of getting to the root of the problem which is closing the tap to stop the water.

You will find countless animals that are neglected in poor countries/areas which makes sense, because how are you going to feed a dog when you can’t even feed yourself? The problem with animal rights is that human rights do not exist. Food and water should be a human right – effective housing should be a human right, but it is not. People basic needs are not met and the animals suffer along with the humans. 

That is why Basic Income Guaranteed would benefit not only the humans, but the animals as well. There are people who would really like and have a passion to work with animals, but they can’t support themselves. If they had their basic needs met then they would go for it, go work with animals. Human rights and animal rights are linked. Then you will see an increase in people that work with animals. 

So, if you support animals and would like to end their suffering and help them then the Basic Income Guaranteed is the solution for this.  

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