Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Day 219: If I change myself – Will the world change?


nature-human-1 "'You cant change this world".

This is something that comes up with people when they see others dedicating their lives to world change. It is said that the world is just the way it is and nothing can be done make it difference. It has been blamed on many things like human nature – saying that it is in our nature to be greedy and uncaring. That the world is the way it is, because it’s our nature and that will never change. No one person can change this world. It is very easy to give up even before you started. It is very easy to simply say “ it is impossible “ just so that you do not actually have to do anything.

It is at least partially right – human nature is the problem. It is not our nature that is the problem, but it is what we have all accepted and allowed our nature to be. The question is then if you can change the nature of the human, which the nature of yourself, will the world change?

To find the answer first look at world as a whole – we have the usual things that are always there like war, famine, hunger, poverty. Now, the world is really a reflection of ourselves – let’s take war for example: War stems from things like anger, mistrust, bullying, ego and a lust for power. If we look within ourselves we will find all those things exist within us. All these terrible things that exist in this world had to come from somewhere – ourselves. It is human behavior on a larger scale.

Save_the_World_Today Common sense here would dictate that if human nature/behavior was different then the world would be different as well. So yes – you change human nature you change the world. But can human nature/behavior be changed? Many believe it is impossible, but it’s not.

This is how you change the world – change yourself and live as an example and assist others to do the same. It is not an easy thing to walk and many give up or fade away. You can change who you are, because I have changed who I am. Since walking this journey I have changed allot of points within myself for the better. If I can do this so can you.

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