Monday, 26 May 2014

90% Of People Cannot Comprehend this – Can You?



warning A very subtle yet frightening thing has been happening over the last few years and very few people can see this happening. It can be compared to the old scenario of the frog being boiled alive – as long as the temperature increases slowly the frog won’t jump out of the water. The thing is that very few people can actually comprehend what they read. There is a major problem with people’s ability to effectively comprehend what they read. Now some reading this might not see this as a big issue, but the inability to comprehend information has a big impact on your life. It is simple; if you cannot comprehend what you read then information is basically useless. Words become useless. Education becomes useless.

How did this happen?

People simply do not read anymore. Now reading is not just looking at the words, but to comprehend what is written. We are all used to things like twitter – we want our news in less than 140 characters. We do not want to read allot to gather information. Seriously have

images We rely on images to make things more interesting to read. With visual technology progressing we have HD TV, HD movies, Blue Ray and all that in 3D even. We have all that on our cellphones. And then there is Photoshop. With all this at our disposal reading plain text seems trivial and boring. No wonder kids are having “learning difficulties” in school.

The world of entertainment is overtaking the world of proper education. Our technologies are getting smarter while we ourselves are getting dumbed down. I don’t even want to think how children will be in school in a few years from now. Education is bad now, imagine what it would be like in a few years.

We will have a world filled with incomprehensive people. Funny enough – people lacking comprehension are more easily manipulated and deceived. And when the only preferred source of information is watching TV – then TV becomes GOD.

We need to all take a step back and see what is happening here. We need to understand that words are the most important thing in this life – and the ability to read the words and understand the words and comprehend the words is also extremely important. Real power is reading and comprehension so it is up to us to make sure that those skills are perfected.

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