Saturday, 31 May 2014

Day 221: Have you reached your Full potential?


sb10063113ho-001 The title almost sounds like something they tell you in school. The potential I am writing about is your life potential. In the following blogs I am going to expand on the points in this document and what it means to me. Today I am writing about the first point which is: Realizing and living my utmost potential.

There are two parts to this – the first part is realizing your potential.

Before I started this process I did not even look or imagine that I had any kind of potential. I sis nor even conceive that I could do more – be more effective. I believed that I was going to be the way I am for the rest of my life.

Since starting walking this process of self-perfection those beliefs faded away. I started questioning my life and how I lived it and what I have allowed to exists within me. My first big point I faced within myself was my depression. When I faced that point and walked past it I realized that I had the power to change my life for the better. I realized that I had in fact potential.

The second part is Living your utmost potential.

poten Realizing my potential was difficult, because it means facing the fact that you can actually change. It is realizing that all the excuses I had for not changing myself and not moving myself like fear, doubt or believing I am to weak or not good enough simply isn’t valid anymore. And that means the only thing keeping me from Living my utmost potential is myself. Living your utmost potential is even harder. It is to move through the resistance that comes up when you change something about yourself that you have lived for many years.

A few years ago I believed I was doing enough and that it is impossible to do more than what I was doing back then. The funny thing was that a while after that I was doing way more than I did before, but back then I believed was living my full potential – but that was not true. It is very easy to sit back and say to yourself “I cannot do more”, but deep down inside you see you can do more.

Before I was a very lazy person – I really disliked any kind of effort and always opted for the easiest path that has the less effort involved. I had to walk past this self-created laziness in order to live my utmost potential and have come a long way now, but it is still a work in progress.

Ill expand some more in the next blog.

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