Monday, 6 May 2013

Day 161 - Change is possible.


I am busy with a project where I take pictures of trees. It started a few years ago when we first planted fruit trees. What I did is: stand in the same place and take pictures of a tree once in a while and then after a while I have a time-lapse of the tree’s growth. I can see how the trees have grown over the years when I view the pictures in order. fig1

It is fascinating to see this, because trees grow very slowly. So slow that you do not even notice it. It is only after a few years that you look at this tree and go: "wow, you have grown". I have a collection now of a few select fruit trees and will make a video for all to see soon. This first picture here is the first Fig tree we had on the farm and the second shows how big it has grown over the years.

The same can be said to how we change within ourselves. We do not notice how much we have changed and overcome - it is only when you look back do you realize that you have grown/changed, but you do not see it as it is happening.

That is how I have experienced progress within myself in regards to my process of self-change  fig14to become an effective living human being. When I first started my process, one of the points that came up  within me was: "this is taking too long, I am getting nowhere". We have the desire to get things done fast, to see results right now and when we do not – it becomes easier to give up. We learn from TV and advertisements where things move fast and as soon as something takes too long, we think it not worth it or less than. Like a computer for instance: They made an expensive laptop that completely starts up within 2 seconds, because waiting another 28 seconds is just not good enough anymore.

Within all this haste and expectations this fig tree still grows - slowly but surely, consistently branching out as it expands itself and deepens its roots to become more stable . Soon it will bear fruit that will provide sustenance for others. We should all learn from this tree. Change is a slow process and it takes time. It is to be patient and consistent within all you do and not giving up or giving in and after a while when you look back you go “wow, I have grown/changed", just like it is with the tree. 

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  1. Cool Fidelis - thanks - looking forward to the time lapsing tree growth!