Friday, 8 February 2013

Journey - Listen to My Body : HYPERTHYROIDISM


Its been a while since my last blog. Those who were following this blog series know that i have been having problems with my body for a long time now. After lots of test and a hospital visit including a colonoscopy(not a fun thing...) I have finally found the name of the cause : Hyperthyroidism.Is-your-child-hyperactive

A Refresh on the symptoms I have: fatigue/decreased energy, constipation, frequent bowl movement, increased heart rate, muscle weakness, shaky hands/body, weight loss ( i lost 10 KG) sweating. All this, because of an over active thyroid.

A Hyperactive Thyroid is when the thyroid(sits in your neck) excessively produces thyroid hormones. The Thyroid hormone is important at a cellular level, affecting nearly every type of tissue in the body. Thyroid hormone functions as a controller of the pace of all of the processes in the body aka metabolic rate.

Now you know more about your Thyroid.

I am relieved that i know what it is, very. No more wondering. The body is a wondrous thing. Me and my body have been living together for some time now. Since i started with Desteni i have learned to listen to it. Your body shows you things about yourself so my body is revealing to me ....something. I am listening and beginning a new journey to find out more about myself.  

The first point I noticed was the word HYPER in hyperthyroidism. If i look at myself and what i do within task I am always rushing or tense, basically hyper. for a long time now. It became normal for me so i didn't notice it then, Now i did.

So here starts my journey - ill have a look at my symptoms and write on how It relates to my lifestyle/who i am. Stay Tuned


  1. hi...

    it is interesting... I have also started a new journey about 3 months ago because my body is also showing me through the sickness ( eczema - severe skin problem ) some points that i have missed...

    Enjoy your journey. My journey quite often seems to be very unpleasant and uncomfortable but I also see that i am discovering and realizing many important points.

    Greg Wiater

  2. cool, I am curious to learn more. my mother has hypothyroidism and has been taking medication for it most of her life - I am not convinced that it is helping and sometimes wish she would consider alternative methods in dealing with it, in terms of looking at the mental aspects of the condition. we all have out points to deal with.

  3. Just a suggestion: try a diet with loads of vegetables and fruits, no added salt whatso ever. Seeds, nuts, beans, lentils... I know some people who cured their thyroid disease that way.