Saturday, 14 February 2015

2015 Let’s not Buy into the Idea of love This Valentine.


images Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate Love and a day to take special planning to bring the romance to your partner. Lots of chocolates get bought and eaten, lots of gift cards and restaurants love the full house that this day brings. Nothing says LOVE quite like spending lots of money on your partner.

When I was a kid in school this day brought with it a bit of resentment. We all have this idea of what love is based on movies and TV-series, it seems so desirable and when you are a teenager love and getting a partner can be one of the most important thing currently in your life. Unfortunately I was not all that popular and one of the “nice guys” so this day would leave me kind of sad that I did not have somebody.

Interesting enough I was not alone in this sadness on this particular day, some go even further and can’t handle the pain and actually kill themselves on Valentine ’s Day which is not surprisingly one of the highest days of suicide rates. The question is why do we all buy into this idea of love presented to us?

We see on TV how beautiful love is and how perfect it is and how all you need is love and everything will work as long as you have love. But we all know this to be untrue. We experience this first hand, no relationship is like it is on TV - it’s never perfect – yet we still desire it. And when the relationship does not meet the expectation created based on ideas we are left disappointed. And why? Simply because we had an idea of what love is.

People often say that Love can’t be defined – wrong. If you are unable to define love then you do not know what Love really is. Love is not a feeling. That is a limitation of the word and what it truly is. Love is action, an act of unconditionally supporting another without judgments to become the best each can be. And that takes work, allot of work.

So let’s not buy into the idea of love – the fairytale of love and rather create it into something that can truly stand the test of time.

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