Saturday, 22 March 2014

Day 213 - At your Last Breath – what will you say? What would you have Changed?



People say that life is short. Even though it is the longest thing you’ll ever experience – it is actually quite short. There never seems to be enough time to do all the things that you would like to. I am now 26 years old which means I have basically lived half my life span already give or take. There are 26 years that I will not be able to get back – it’s gone.

A thing we got used to since being born is Time. Time is always there. When I was a kid I did not worry about thing like time, it was always there. I woke up to a new day every day. I knew that when I go to bed and sleep there will be another day coming on the morrow. Now that I am getting older I realize that Time will not always be there. One day I will die – I will breathe out my last breathe (and fart, most likely) and my body will return to the earth in ashen form. And when that day comes what will I say to myself as I look at back at my life and how I lived it?

I cannot know what the next 26 years will bring – I might not even live that long, I could die tomorrow or the next day or maybe I live till I am old and wrinkled. In the End it really doesn’t matter how long I have left on this earth – All that matters is what I do with the time that I have.

LS017073 Which brings me to my point here – The fact is that one we will all die and it is as certain as it is inevitable. This does not mean it is something to worry about though, but instead of living life as if there will be a tomorrow rather live it as if there is no tomorrow. I sometimes with certain things postpone it and say to myself I will do it some other day, and then before I know it a few weeks have already gone. There will not always be ‘another day’. My time will eventually run out so instead of waiting till the day I die why not rather start living as if there is not tomorrow.

When the day comes that I die I want to able to look back at my life and say “YES! I used my time the best I could”. Wouldn’t you?

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