Sunday, 16 February 2014

Have we reached the limit Of Human Creativity?



creativity_is_boundless_by_pixelnase1 When was the last time you watched a really good movie? Any of them new? It seems that all the new movies that come out are simply the same. The plot is predictable, the same shit happens – there is nothing new. I watch a movie and the same things happen – it is like they use a formula for all movies and stick to it. Has every conceivable plot or plot twist or events or storyline been used already? Did you notice that movies coming out now have the year it was released added to it? Because there are so many movies with the same name that they add the year so that people do not confused, also to show that this is a new movie they have not seen yet.

What about music? The songs on the radio are really substandard compared to the songs of old and 90% of them are all about sex. It is like the music producers realized that they cannot make money off the actual music anymore, so they rely on making the artist appealing to the audiences by using the only method left that works – sexualizing them.

It has become the only way to get attention and get people to listen and buy the music and go to concerts. They try and find ways to get attention by doing very crazy things – the more outrages the more attention they get like for example what Miley is doing right now and the things Lady GAGA did.

Back to my point – are they doing this because they can’t come up with actual good music?

So have we – the human race – come to the limits of creativity? Has every chord progression already been used? No more unique movies to be conjured up from our imagination. Are we doomed to watch the same things over and over and over again? Even TV series rely on explicit sex scenes to get people to watch, because the story line and actors are simply not good enough.

limitations I for one enjoy watching movies and TV series, but unfortunately I have to watch all the old movies and TV series again, because the new shows and movies coming out are simply crap. It is like a gradual decline in quality over the last few years and this actually makes us accept substandard shows and movies. The bar for what is good has dropped to an all-time low.

Please producers, musicians and whomever else writes movies and shows – dig deep and find the creativity and expression and give the world something you can be proud of.

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  1. Thanks. I suggest movies where the characters change themselves in a self honest way