Tuesday, 15 October 2013

When Habits are all you are


habit I did vlog touching on this point and today I am going to explain it a bit more. I am letting go of being the “silent type” by speaking more and doing vlogs helped with that. When I took a break from the vlogs I noticed that I fell back into that pattern/habit of being a silent type. So what I realized is that all these characters we create within ourselves – the angry type, sad type, irritated, mean, spiteful – all these characters are actually habits.

These habits become part of who we are and we define ourselves by it. This is one of the reasons why change is so difficult, because you are stopping a habit. And it is very easy to fall back into the habit than to stop it. Thus far I have made progress – I do not mumble anymore and I make sure my words are clear although there are times when it is not clear.

This can applied to any self-change. You decide to stop the particular pattern/habit like getting angry easily or being very judgmental. There is resistance that comes up within you when you stop a habit and that is because you are busy changing yourself – you are stopping something that you have lived for a long time and made part of who you are. It takes time, but the important thing here is to not give in/give up. It is very easy to fall back in the habit/pattern , because that is how you have lived. To change it means living something new – something you have not yet lived. It is a self-directive decision to stop habits.

Chain-Breaking Now the question is of everything of who you are what is a habit/pattern and what is something you direct? Is everything you do a self-directive action or are you simply following a design? Why do we allow ourselves to be directed by habits/patterns? Would it not be a better way of living if all of who you are is self-directive? This is one of the things the Desteni Process is all about – it is ALL about YOU. YOU changing YOURSELF to be an effective living being. Join in and take part.

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