Saturday, 6 October 2012

Day 100 - Loss of habitat

Wild animals are starting to move into urban areas because loss of habitat due to human destruction/development. habitat loss

Humans and wildlife DO NOT go together well. If a wild animal like a bear or lion is found in an urban are its a risk to the safety of humans and is often shot and killed. Now this is becoming a big problem.

They are being killed and more animals are becoming endangered due to us wanting to develop. Development is seen as good in today's world and its good for business and the economy. But an disaster to nature. Forest are being cut down to meet demand of wood and the space used to grow food. We will not be able to live on this world when they eventually cut down the last rain forest. The earths forests are essential for all living beings but the problem is ignored, because it makes allot of money.

Yes - money. Money is more important than life. Its a accepted fact.

So lets say money is deerpark not part of the equation and we finally realize that you cannot obtain oxygen with money - how will this problem be faced were animals don't have homes? we will firstly stop destroying their homes - with money no longer required to live there no need to cut down trees to sell, or the space used to more food. There alternatives to wood and there is already enough food production to feed 13 billion people.

Then we start repairing the damage we have done - like growing back the forest and stay away from it. The solutions are endless and limitless when money is not part of it.

Clearly th e only solution is an alternative World system. As long as money rules nature is doomed followed eventually by us. Join and be one vote for world equality  - for earth.

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