Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Day 280: Just who exactly is the Real You?



images “The Fascination with the Mind is Mirrored within the Fascination with Movies – Watching the Reels Play. In the Mind you’re a Superhero that Understands things that makes ‘You Special’, where you have ‘Special Skills’ and ‘Special Gifts’. But none of those are in fact Real. They’re just a Movie Reel where you Hide. But, even the ‘You’ that’s Hiding, the one Lost in the Mind – isn’t Real: it’s a Character you Created about You…one of Many.

You have Characters for every Situation, for every Relationship and everything you do. And each Character has different Reasons, Meanings and Values – and you will Dress-up as these Characters in Ways that will Ensure that ‘Your Movie’ Benefits. And ‘Your Movie’ Benefits if you do not have to take Responsibility for the Real Reality.” - http://creationsjourneytolife.blogspot.com/2013/01/day-263-real-eyes-see-reel-thoughts.html

We have created specific characters and personalities for specific situations. Have a look at the people in your life and how you are around each of them. Are you the same or do you change into a different person depending on the situation?

For me when I am in town buying things and interactive with different people I usually become a super friendly character, simply because people are more willing to help you when you are friendly. Another example would be when I was a kid, my behavior would be different depending where I am and who I speak with. I would be different when speaking to a parent or when I’m in church or when I’m with friends. I had many characters for every situation.

And so do we all – we are many characters. We have a character for anger, for frustration, for irritation, for when we do not agree with someone, for when we do not want to do things – really a character for every situation. The question then is who exactly are we really? Look at when you are alone – is that who you really are? Or are we constantly in our minds thinking about the day, thinking about other people, judging other people , creating our own opinions and ideas and beliefs on what we see and wonder around in our imaginations. None of those things are real, it’s all fake.

Look outside. Look at the trees, the grass and the sky. Those things are real. The forests being destroyed, that is real. The oceans being poisoned, the mass extinction of species – those things are real and the real consequences of humanities imaginations. The result of our desires and greed and quest for happiness – the human lifestyle has created so much real destruction.

It’s time we become real and let go of these characters we have created, because these characters and personalities is keeping us all preoccupied from real change. There is unfortunately allot at stake and time will eventually run out. And when it does run out in the end, what will we say, what will you say? Did we do everything we can with the time we had? Or did we waste it all on our imaginations….

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