Monday, 9 June 2014

Day 223: Doing something to the best of your ability


self-improvement I'm going to share another perspective on the point of living your full potential. In a blog, which you can read here, I wrote a more general point on realizing and living your utmost potential. Today I am going to give some examples of practical application and how I applied this in my life.

Living your utmost potential is like doing something to the best of your ability. I have said this many times in blogs - that I was always a person who took the easy route in terms of work, did the least amount of effort required to complete a task. Since walking this process that all changed.

The first opportunity I had to change this about myself was working with my hands. What is cool about "getting down to earth" and getting your hands dirty with good old physical work is that when you are done with it you can actually see what you did. For example: The first time I worked with bricks, we had a bath put in by plumbers so we needed to brick it up and I decided ill give it a go. I remember it took me the whole day to do this, mostly because it was a new thing so as I built it layer by layer and a got to my 4th layer I noticed that the 3rd layer was out of line. So i could have left it as it was, but that 3rd layer would not be in line with the rest of the mini wall and the thing about a wall is that it would be there for many many years - every time I look at it I would see it was not built properly, in the end I dismantled the 4th and 3rd layer started again.

Working with bricks and cement and concrete - when you are done it is a permanent thing so I wanted to make sure that every time a look at the finished product I want to to be able to say that I did my best. And always the next time I worked on a similar task like throwing and leveling a concrete floor I looked for ways to improve and make it better than the last one I did.

It was a cool experience and opportunity for me to improve myself by always doing something to the best of my ability - my utmost potential. And I did this with many tasks ranging from roofing to fencing to tree planting - finding ways to it better and improve my skills.

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  1. this really makes me miss being able to do physical work like this - in the ;'city life' you get so few opportunities to do stuff like this - it would be so beneficial for people to have these kinds of opportunities to learn what real work is without the artificial concepts of grading and failure attached to them by the system to deter us and scare us away from ever learning and enjoying our work.