Monday, 27 January 2014

Day 208 - Long Forgotten Gods that Decide ALL Life


One of the main definitions of a God is having power. Most hold the power of life and deathCommunity depending on your religion, but no matter what your religion a God never actually affects anything since it is only a belief and the effects are self-created. There are however Gods That give life to every living thing on earth on a daily bases even if you do not praise them. Should they decide to stop providing life for all then All living things would actually die. That is the power of these long forgotten gods.

We all see them almost every day and we all breathe in this gift of life, but we do not realize the value and have taken these Gods for granted: Trees

Yes, trees - Trees and shrubs and plants. Every day they provide us with air to breathe and they do this unconditionally. There is no “ believe in me or burn in hell for eternity” - they simply provide us with life. Every breath you take is a gift from the trees, yet we pay them no attention whatsoever -A tree is just a tree. Instead we destroy massive portions of forests. We cut down trees and shrubs in our gardens, because they are not pretty or in the way. And not once do sit back and realize the real value of these trees.

ALlEvery tree is a living being. This being grows and give us air to breathe and we repay this by killing them and disregarding them. We should be falling to our knees and beg forgiveness for our stupidity of taking the trees for granted.

So next time you see a tree – see it for what it really is. Realize that this tree provides you with air to breathe and that every breath is a gift of life. To appreciate the value of oxygen hold your breath. We are not even aware of breathing – it has become an automated thing. Be grateful for this being and what it does and have some respect.

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