Saturday, 10 January 2015

2015 “Sia – Elastic Heart” Video is NOT perverted – no need to apologize


sia_video While I was browsing the web I came across a post titled “Sia has nothing to apologize for: Her “Elastic Heart” video isn’t perverted”.  What I found when I finally watched the video was something I did not expect.

It seems the Internet did what the Internet does (blow things out of proportion) and people complained that Sia’s new music video is about pedophilia. I watched the video and it has absolutely nothing to do with pedophilia. Sia took to twitter and apologized for “those who felt triggered” to the video. I agree with article above – she has nothing to apologize for.

The Music video actually has a good message. Let’s compare it with the usual popular videos of today – for example Anaconda. I did not see the Internet go crazy and complaining about half naked women shaking their asses to a song about a Penis and an Ass.

Sia’s Music video is one of the good ones. I'm not really into the “arty fartsy” stuff, but when I watched this video I was truly surprised. In the Video you have the scruffy and adult and the child in a big cage. This cage represents the Limitations we place within ourselves. You can say that this cage, the adult and the child are in one person’s mind.

The child represents the freedom and innocence, the limitless childlike expression. In the video the child is not bound by the cage, she is free to leave the cage. What is interesting is that the adult is also easily able to leave the cage, but believes he is forever stuck in this cage. And that is what the child is trying to show the adult.

There is sad part in the end (yes, spoiler) where the kid takes the hand of the adult and leads him to leave this self-created cage of limitation – showing the potential of change, but he then gives up and chooses to stay trapped in this cage.

How many of us go through a similar experience? We are at a point of change within ourselves but then at the last moment decide to give up and not change? Or how many of us have been at a point that required just a little more pushing to get through it, but then stayed trapped in the cage we created. This cage is not real – that part of ourselves – the childlike expression that is free of limitation is still within us.

Don’t get stuck in this cage – realize the potential of change and that you do have the power to push through and realize that this cage of limitation within us that keeps us from changing – it’s not real.

Don’t give up – Break the limitations

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