Friday, 5 September 2014

Missing Life skills: Why do I have a fear of Insects?


images I heard an interesting discussion on the radio today. The guy who talking is a Nature lover, but the problem he has is that he is absolutely terrified of spiders. He said that every time he sees a spider he actually freezes with fear and starts sweating.

He said that what he did to find the reason for this fear is go back to his childhood. When he was a kid he was playing around the lounge and fell asleep under a chair. He then had a nightmare of a spider coming down from the chair and sitting on his face. In the dream when this happened he went to fear and started sweating and since that day he was afraid of spiders.

This is the reason with most people. You will find that there is a memory from childhood where something happened with some sort of insect that was when the fear began. Allot of people don’t even know this and it could be a suppressed memory.

When I grew up I had a fear of moths. I knew it was a bit weird, but I had a big fear of moths. I could not be in the same room as a moth. I traced the fear back to a memory from childhood. I was in bed about to go to sleep and the room was dark, but I saw what looked like a massive moth flying around in my room. It only happened for a second – like seeing a shooting star – what seemed like a giant moth flying over the bed above my face. I totally freaked out and called my parents…well, more like screamed for them. They came in the room and turned on the light with worried and confused expressions asking me what. I told them what I saw, but I looked around the room and saw there was no giant moth.

I was so certain there was a giant moth, but clearly there wasn’t. Still, since that day I was very afraid of moths. I find this interesting, how a simple event in your early life no matter how small can affect your whole life. And the reason why it effected my life is because when the event happened I did not direct the situation, I was young and did not understand how these things work or how to direct myself.

So this is an example of how an event and how you react to that event can affect your life. This is why it is so important to learn how to become self-directed, so that when these events occur you can make sure it has no effect on who you are, right now we are not taught how to do these things and its an important life skill to have. To found out more go here

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