Sunday, 13 July 2014

Will there be an Ark to save us?


index I watched the movie “Noah” the other day. The main story line is basically based on Noah in the bible where the creator tells Noah to build a giant ark in order to save the animal kingdom from a worldwide flood that will kill every human expect Noah and his family.

The reason for this flood is to wipe out all the “wickedness” and “evil” that is humanity in order to cleanse the earth. In the movie it portrays humans and human nature as having a complete disregard for the earth. The earth got to a state where most of the land was barren and finding sustenance was very difficult due to how humans have exploited the earth. Sound familiar?

What I did find interesting in this movie is that Noah realized that humanity is the problem. That before humans roamed the earth nature was in balance – no exploitation, no over fishing, no deforesting, etc. And ever since humans came along that is when things started to go wrong with the earth. He also saw that this “evil” is in all humans – in himself and his family included is the potential for greed, murder, exploitation etc., so he came to the conclusion that in order to save the planet humans must cease to exist.

Now, if we look at the world today and the state it’s in – if we do nothing to change our nature then the outcome is pretty clear: We are going destroy this planet. Unfortunately there will be no ark for the animals this time, no flood to kill us all and save the animals. The way things are going we will kill every living being on this planet (maybe not the cockroaches). There is no all mighty creator that will help us through this.

Another point the movie shows is that every human has the potential for “goodness”, kindness, compassion and to be caring. Sure we have the potential to change our ways and actually be considerate human beings, but that means actually changing our nature as who we are and accepted ourselves to be.

So what will we choose?

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