Sunday, 23 December 2012

Things you Might not know about Horses


My whole life I have never had any experience with horses. I only ever had dogs and cats. I have been around horses now the past 4 years. In the beginning when I started working with horses It was a whole new experience. They are amazing and cunning beings, very sneaky sometimes.

One thing I never new was that horses lie. Yes - they lie and manipulate sometimes. When I exercised Grootman (horse name) he would fake being tired or have no energy just to not exercise anymore. I never knew they do that.shot_1322837227124

It has been a awesome learning curve  - horses can teach you allot about yourself. They are very physical observing beings. They can sum you up - see all of you before you even get close. They are far more aware of you that you are about yourself.

A few days ago we had one of our horses die - Titan. Titan and Grootman were best friends - you would always se those two together in the fields. I did not know horses form close bonds with each other. On Friday we buried Titan And that afternoon when the horses came back to the stables Grootman started showing symptoms of severe colic. He was crying out all the time for his friend Titan, because he cannot see him anywhere. Everybody gathered around as support for Grootman

We got the Vet out when we first saw what was happening to him. He was basically stressing about not seeing Titan around anymore which caused him to have big problems with his digestive system.

Long story short - the vet did everything she could, but Grootman did not respond to the medicine. He was in extreme pain when the pain killers wore off. The Vet was here from about 6 at night till twelve. The only options we had was to wait till he sorts it our himself and if he does not we will have to put him down.

shot_1322837220790 She left  us enough pain killer injections to help him through the night if needed. Rozelle and I stayed up with him at the stables all night and everybody on the farm helped in keeping an eye on him for when he starts feeling pain again. Which was the next morning where he relapsed again. We gave him painkillers again. From that moment on we pulled through and made it. He is fine now again. All of this was triggered, because he missed his friend Titan. Proof that horses also feel for those who did not know.

He went through allot that night and day - he had to make some hard choices in order to pull through.

to be continued.


  1. Wow

    Thanks for sharing, I didn't realize that about horses, never been around them much.