Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Desteni I Process solves all your problems

  • Why do you always make the same mistakes and just cant seem to stop falling in the same patterns?
  • No matter how hard you try you cant get over somebody.
  • Why are you always attracted to the same kind of person?
  • Why are you angry\sad\frustrated\ all the time?
  • Why is it so dam hard to express what you really feel?
  • Why do you give up easily?
  • Why worry about money if you don't have to?

What will surprise you is that you can find the answers to these questions and allot more about yourself in yourself.
Here is how:

Thursday, 24 March 2011

I Smell the Past

I walked in the mall the other day and as i walked past someone the smell of their perfume stirred a feeling within me.

Now feelings are activated by thoughts and this particular one was a memory of a long ago girlfriend who used similar perfume. And it took me back to those days and left me with a sense of longing. Which indicated that i have attached her to this smell along with memories related to her. All in one moment of that smelling.

So it was interesting to observe how a smell can effect me - or rather the link I attached to that smell.
And its so with allot of things. The smell of the ocean takes me back to my days of surfing.

The sames goes for pictures, sounds basic perceptions we have formed through our lives.
A fragrance is a fragrance, as Matti Freeman says, a cup is just a cup.

Change the perception you change the person.

The Desteniiprocess  assists with cutting those ties we have formed and brings you here, where a cup is just a cup, the real practical world where we can see what is real.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Self Change Support

In doing the desteniiprocess, changing behavior patterns is one of the things you deal with.Things like reacting when people say something, getting angry, giving up when faced with certain events, basically the personality.

Now to change that behavior into something that would be supportive to self and others requires discipline,because its like a addiction, you keep on wanting to continue in the same pattern. Real change comes when the new program becomes part of you. And you automatically follow the new pattern.

The difficult part is to stop the old program, because if you give into it once, you have to start again. Be it a single thought or picture or feeling, you have to stop it as soon as it arises, because that is the old program being activated. In stopping it you can give way for the new program.

What also assists is to establish a reason why you are doing what you are doing. A starting point. It must be clear otherwise everything will fall apart.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Why are we surviving? Seriously?

Its in our blood, the need to survive. No matter how many wars or diseases came our way, we humans managed to survive. From the early caveman days we needed food and other sustenance to survive. Now we need money to survive.
That was a collective decision. Agreed to greed and desires, blamed it on our nature as natural.

Now we are in quite a mess with half the world living in shit, dying with no shit, because people want more shit and only caring about their own shit.

It doesn't have to be like this. We don't need to survive anymore - we need to live.
With an equal money system we can live.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Is this world worth saving?

The majority would say no, and the few that say yes are the lucky ones.

I have had a good life so far, so personally I have nothing to complain about. But when I look at  how most of the people live in this earth, and when i start to see how people truly are, i cant help be disgusted by it.

I know from experience what humanity really is, we are a sick species out to fulfill our inner desires no matter the cost. As long as we get what we want, nothing else matters.

Then comes the question - What would I do to change the world into something worth saving? Worth Living in?

What needs to be done.

It starts with me.

The Desteni ''I''Process  assist with changing self, so that we see how our behavior is abusing ourselves and others and our world. It shows and teaches how one can be self directive and effectively change behavior so that it is supportive, for self and others and the world.

For more details:

Friday, 4 March 2011

Just Tomorrow Everything will be OK

Tomorrow Everything will be OK.

Listen to this as you read:

There is a hope that just tomorrow everything will change and be ok.
I don't have to do anything because something else will solve it for me.
There is hope that  will wake up tomorrow and everything will be fine.

I am here today, and tomorrow i will be here today so i will be the same, i will feel the same.

Common sense here dictates that If I don't change something today it wont change tomorrow

Fake greeting Fake

Where is the real people? We have become secluded and we hide from each other in fear of each other. Money has made us see how far we will go to get what we want.

At the shops till counter there is a sticker on the till workers desk that reminds them how to engage a customer.

It has steps that says to greet the customer with a smile and ask how are you? Shit like that.

Its apparently good manners, but what it really is is fake, deceitful. Two fakes not expressing their natural self expression.
We all hide from each other. And put up faces to fit in or to survive.

We live in a Dog Eat Dog world because of money.
If we no longer need money to survive then we can focus on our Lifes.

What would our natural self expression be - with an equal money system we can find out.

Being on constant guard - Anticipating the worst

The world is out to get me. And I'm constantly tested in every moment. I have to watch what i say and analyze the actions and words of others to find the true meaning. I cannot answer a question without thinking about it and making sure I am taking everything into consideration when answering. Decision making is difficult because i want to make sure I don't miss something.
I am on constant guard to make sure that nothing can hurt me.

Now walking around like this constantly analyzing every action, feeling tensed up inside has consequences. I noticed that throughout my day i unconsciously tense up my stomach muscles, and it stays tense automatically. I am finding it difficult to stop, because the only to not be so tense is to relax, and i am not relaxing.

Another side effect of being on guard and feeling tensed up inside is that I'm constipated.

I went through this experience before and what i did was stop anticipating and being here, and as i breathe i move through my body, feeling myself flowing through all parts of my body so that i can relax the muscles. I did that an the constipation went away.

But then i went back into the same pattern, so time-looped and here i am again.

I Stand

And I am Here again.     

LAXative -  reLAX